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Eddie Neves


Sensei Eddie Neves is originally from Brazil with 25 years of experience in Judo. Black Belt (2nd dan – Nidan) ,member of The United States Judo Federation and United States Judo Association, Sensei Eddie studied old-school Judo style in São Paulo, Brazil (his hometown), from the legendary Judo Master Sensei Tadashi Kimura (7th dan – Kodansha). Sensei Eddie has been teaching Judo classes and seminars for the past 6 years in different states around United States for adults and kids, creating competitors and expanding their knowledge of the “Gentle Way.” Sensei Eddie always encourage the Judo practitioners. According his own words “More than a self-defense system, Judo is strongly rooted in philosophy “maximum efficiency with minimum effort” and “mutual welfare and benefit.”

At heart, Sensei Eddie strongly believes that Judo provides a strong foundation for a whole life: the Judoka learns how to listen, respect, share, and manage life’s challenges, while gaining physical strength, mental control, and health as a product of practice of this millenial martial art. Joining the Judo community will broaden the student social circle, and also is a great tool about “how to redefine yourself and your limits”.  Sensei Eddie Neves is also training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past five years (actual belt rank – purple ) with the goal to expand his knowledge about the BJJ techniques and cross them with the Judo Ne-Waza techniques.

Sensei Eddie current teaches Judo at the Immortal Martial Arts Center in Columbus-OH for adults and kids.