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“Best gym in Ohio in my opinion, won’t find a better gym in Ohio.”

Matt Perry - Member

“I was a little intimidated at first, but Matt is so down to earth, I felt comfortable in no time. Matt, Cory, and Jamie are so knowledgeable in their respective sports, if I have any questions they have the answers.”

Bobby Burton - Member

“All of the trainers and staff are friendly, helpful & just good people. Everyone makes you feel welcome. You are pushed to work hard but not in a competitive way. They want you to get the results you are there for. I encourage you to give them a try.”

Kande Smith - Member

“Very welcoming crowd! I was able to jump right in and feel welcome, brought my wife and kids up so great family atmosphere as well! I would highly recommend for all stages of athlete from novice to expert!”

Slade Murphy - Member

“Great trainers, owners and people! Classes push you just enough to boost confidence and build strength!”

Douglas Riggle - Member

“Awesome space, awesome coaches! Ecstatic that this is in Ohio!”

Mike Widmer - Member

“Awesome place to become a better human.”

Keith Williams - Member

“Great environment with great people! Had such a good time tonight as always, can’t wait to go back!”

Mike Russell - Member

“Immortal Martial Arts offers a wide variety of scheduled times and classes in a professional environment. Regardless of your age, conditioning, or skill level, Matt Brown and his team of trainers are personable, down to earth, and respectful. The classes are tough and challenging, but participants are encouraged to work at their own pace. It took me about 6 weeks to raise my conditioning level and overcome post-workout soreness. At 47, I’m never going to be a world-class athlete, but I’m improving incrementally, which is very satisfying. If you’ve been thinking about a new challenge, just come on down. People are friendly and no one will judge you! If I can do it, then so can you!”

Eric Herr - Member

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